Monday, May 4, 2009

Stomp Doesn't know REAL from FAKE???

Does Stomp even read the articles they write? In the article A Proton that pretends to be a Ferrari, a Stomper claims that she was "flabbergasted" when a Proton with a Ferrari logo overtook her apparently more than 2-seater Ferrari resulting in her 2 kids, who were present in the car at that time to think that their mom was a fake and owns a fake ferrari. Well kids of Stomper, I am sad to inform you that your suspiscions of your mom being a fake is true. The F40 is a 2-seater and if you kids were inside the F40, you should slap that idiotic mom of yours as she is putting you kids in danger.

Just take a look at the Ferrari F40 does it look anywhere as close as the Ferrari picture provided by the Stomper? Ok, I agree the colour is the same tint of red but other than that there is no similarities to the "Stomper's Ferrari".

Do not say that the "Stomper's Ferrari" is a newer model of the F40 because the F40 ceased production in 1992. That's like 17 years ago people. So clearly the Stomper who claims that she has a Ferrari is a freaking LIAR!!!

The Stomper is a liar. Didn't take much to figure that out right. By the looks of the comments on the article in Stomp, everyone figured that out as well. So, if you, me and everyone else could figure that out, why does Stomp put it in their website. Is it to show the wonderful creativity of the Proton car driver? Why does the Stomper want to discriminate someone who does not have the money to buy a Ferrari when he himself does not have the money to own one and has to lie about having one. Maybe Stomp posted this to show the Stomper's stupidity. Maybe Stomp had nothing else to post and so decided to post this as they had to meet a criteria. Maybe the people at Stomp do not know how to check the validity of a story. Whatever it is Stomp seems to be putting up fake articles which even a kid could tell is fake. If you spot any, do feel free to send me the links at

Citizen journalism does give normal people the authority and advantage of getting news-worthy stories as it occurs. Stomp is a wonderful platform for that. However, as all super heroes say with great power comes great responsibility and Stomp has recently showed a huge lack of responsibility by providing articles which are totally fake and ridiculous sometimes to the extent of just plain humiliation to the other party even if they might be innocent.

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