Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tsunami AHHHH!!!

The article Is this white streak a warning sign of an impending tsunami? from Stomp is so stupid I don't even know why I'm writing this. Maybe it is because i really have nothing to do.

Bloody idiot of a Stomper. Doesn't he/she know what this is. I knew what they were when I was a little boy. When I was 6, I thought they were caused from space ships. Even though I was wrong, I wasn't as far off as stupid stomper Xiu Xiu.

Lesson Time,

(Warning it is BORING)

The white streak is actually a cloud, though the aircraft is a normal jet liner and not a rocket. This white streak is called a 'contrail' or a condensation trail. The engine of a jet aircraft releases after- burners or fumes just like our cars and motorcycles. These fumes contain a lot of water vapour. At very high altitudes, where the temperature is as low as -38 degree celsius (water freezes at zero degrees), the water vapour freezes into tiny ice crystals almost instantly before evaporating. A contrail can spread out and form a horizontal sheet of cloud, as winds which blow at high altitudes blow it apart. It disappears eventually when the water vapour evaporates.

At the age of 6, I knew that the white trail were man made and not a natural occurance. Lets all just hope that Xiu Xiu is not so much older than I was and that he/she might still be watching Barney the Dinosaur. Sadly, odds are he/she is 36 and still watches Barney. Maybe he/she also sings along to the songs.

Once again Kudos to Stomp for enriching our lives with articles as useful and educational as a baboons red butt.

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Is this news-worthy Stomp?

In the article China national squats in train, ignores stares from commuters, a Guy who was squatting in the train had his picture taken by someone who just like me, really has nothing better to do. The Stomper also claims that the behaviour of the guy squatting made him a Chinese national.



I did not know such horrible behaviour could be seen in the MRT trains of Singapore. Mr Squatter is definately a rebel. I mean who would actually have the audacity to squat in the train like Mr Squatter. Just look at him. I am so glad Stomp posted this article. It just shows that even in a place like Singapore you get rebellious people like Mr Squatter. And to the Stomper who took this picture I want to thank you for your vigilence. Thanks to you the general public can see what true Singapore actually is.


HONESTLY STOMPER I got words of advice for you GET A FRIGGIN LIFE. Maybe just maybe if you actually stop taking pictures of people in the train doing nothing wrong and maybe did something productive and useful like say hanging yourself, the World could just be a better place.

And now to Stomp, seems like you guys got something with China. Especially in that last two lines of the article which was so totally unnecessary. I mean come on Stomp surely you could tell that those lines are slightly inappropriate. It might not even be true. Yet you guys still put it in. Sure you can say that its what the Stomper wrote in his email and that you were just quoting him but still do use some brains sometimes. By writing that, you are actually in a way disrupting the harmony in our precious Singapore. You are also in a way encouraging a stereotypical belief that Chinese nationals behave in a certain way that would label them as being Chinese nationals.

To summarise for those at Stomp who might not understand what I'm saying, the article in the first place should not be there as it is not relevant as there is nothing wrong in squatting in a train and also, you could be more politically polite in future?

Anyways if you guys have any suggestions on articles at Stomp or wherever, please send me those articles at this website.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Stomp Doesn't know REAL from FAKE???

Does Stomp even read the articles they write? In the article A Proton that pretends to be a Ferrari, a Stomper claims that she was "flabbergasted" when a Proton with a Ferrari logo overtook her apparently more than 2-seater Ferrari resulting in her 2 kids, who were present in the car at that time to think that their mom was a fake and owns a fake ferrari. Well kids of Stomper, I am sad to inform you that your suspiscions of your mom being a fake is true. The F40 is a 2-seater and if you kids were inside the F40, you should slap that idiotic mom of yours as she is putting you kids in danger.

Just take a look at the Ferrari F40 does it look anywhere as close as the Ferrari picture provided by the Stomper? Ok, I agree the colour is the same tint of red but other than that there is no similarities to the "Stomper's Ferrari".

Do not say that the "Stomper's Ferrari" is a newer model of the F40 because the F40 ceased production in 1992. That's like 17 years ago people. So clearly the Stomper who claims that she has a Ferrari is a freaking LIAR!!!

The Stomper is a liar. Didn't take much to figure that out right. By the looks of the comments on the article in Stomp, everyone figured that out as well. So, if you, me and everyone else could figure that out, why does Stomp put it in their website. Is it to show the wonderful creativity of the Proton car driver? Why does the Stomper want to discriminate someone who does not have the money to buy a Ferrari when he himself does not have the money to own one and has to lie about having one. Maybe Stomp posted this to show the Stomper's stupidity. Maybe Stomp had nothing else to post and so decided to post this as they had to meet a criteria. Maybe the people at Stomp do not know how to check the validity of a story. Whatever it is Stomp seems to be putting up fake articles which even a kid could tell is fake. If you spot any, do feel free to send me the links at funny_bullcrap@hotmail.com.

Citizen journalism does give normal people the authority and advantage of getting news-worthy stories as it occurs. Stomp is a wonderful platform for that. However, as all super heroes say with great power comes great responsibility and Stomp has recently showed a huge lack of responsibility by providing articles which are totally fake and ridiculous sometimes to the extent of just plain humiliation to the other party even if they might be innocent.

New Blog Alert - New Blog Alert

Check out my new blog. For those of you who do not know what this blog is about, which i suppose is practically everyone, I created this blog because firstly, I have nothing to do right now and secondly, I am sick and tired of sites (generally STOMP) which puts up rubbish articles sometimes. I mean do they even check if the articles are real or are they so desperate they just put up stuff people send.

Anyways, if you have any suggestions of crappy articles from websites, do send them to me at funny_bullcrap@hotmail.com.